Bespoke Beauty: The Importance of Custom Facials

Bespoke Beauty: The Importance of Custom Facials

Our skin is constantly changing, and we acknowledge the unique nature of our skin instants, where several factors play a unique role. Whether you feel dryness, sensitivity, trouble with rosacea, acne, pigmentation, we address all concerns with our custom facial.  It allows us to understand the importance of tailored-to-you treatments in our skincare regime. Unlike one-size-fits-all treatments, these facials are tailored to target specific concerns, whether it's acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, aging, or sensitivity. This personalized approach ensures that your skincare routine aligns seamlessly with your skin's unique requirements. 

Have you stepped into a facial room in Miami, looking to relax, and felt overwhelmed with the expensive modalities the esthetician says you NEED to treat your concerns? What could have been a relaxing experience turns into an expensive, stressful one. We have eliminated the paradox of choice with an all-in custom facial treatment that includes a blend of cutting-edge treatments and medical-grade products to tackle your skin concerns, without any confusing or surprising add-ons. 

All facials at Alexis Lauren are bespoke and custom-designed to enhance your skin's needs. This targeted strategy enhances the effectiveness of the facial, providing lasting results that you can see and feel. Our seasoned aestheticians consult with every client and customize each facial with several modalities to give you toned, lifted, and radiant skin. The best part? No add-ons. We prioritize simplicity and efficacy, ensuring that your skincare experience is stress-free and transformative. 

Each of our facials is meticulously crafted, designed to elevate, and cater to your skin's unique needs. Our experienced aestheticians engage in detailed consultations with every client, ensuring a deep understanding of individual concerns. We tailor each facial with a combination of cutting-edge modalities. From the rejuvenating effects of dermaplaning to the skin-firming benefits of microcurrent and bio-electrotherapy, we offer a spectrum of treatments to provide sculpted, lifted, and radiant skin. Our modalities include radio frequency, Biosonix ultrasound, oxygen infusion, LED light therapy, and more. Additionally, we provide pregnancy-safe custom facials for those with specific needs. 

Our goal is to transform your tedious skincare routine into rituals you look forward to. An experience that rejuvenates both body and mind. Our seasoned estheticians extend their expertise beyond the treatment room. They offer valuable guidance on at-home skincare rituals and product recommendations, ensuring that the benefits of the facial are sustained over the long term. This ongoing support becomes an integral part of your skincare journey. 

As always, when it comes to skin rituals, consistency is key. To see real benefits and results, we recommend a monthly upkeep of our skin to keep it looking its best - clean, refreshed, and working on specific issues. The Collective membership offers an easy way to incorporate aesthetic treatments into your rituals. Collective members get priority booking times, custom monthly treatments, exclusive pricing, and members-only perks—think of it as a subscription to great skin. Learn more about our membership here.