Microcurrent: A Gym Workout For Your Face

Microcurrent: A Gym Workout For Your Face



The best kept secret for sculpted cheekbones  


Lifted cheekbones and chiseled features – we all desire them. But how exactly can we achieve that? That’s where Microcurrent comes in. Microcurrent is a non-invasive treatment included during our custom facial from The Collective, aimed at giving your skin a defined and sculpted look. It has recently gained popularity over social media, but perhaps you're still not sure exactly how it works. Here is everything you need to know about Microcurrent before you book your next treatment, and why it’s the key to sculpted cheekbones. 


Microcurrent works on a cellular level to help stimulate muscle toning, lymphatic flow, blood circulation, skin lifting, tightening and better product absorption. It also stimulates collagen, giving your face a fuller look. It has been shown to encourage the production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), which leads to the creation of structural proteins like elastin and collagen.  

Microcurrent technology has been used medically since the 1980s. FDA approval was granted for its use as a muscle stimulator in the treatment of conditions like Bell’s palsy and muscle paralysis. Subsequently, its efficacy in rejuvenating atrophied and sagging facial muscles prompted its adoption as an anti-aging solution.  

It’s nicknamed the "non-invasive facelift" for a reason. It lifts and tones the cheeks and brows, tightens the jawline, improves circulation, elasticity and more. The more consistent you are with your treatment, the better the results. However, you can still expect a noticeable bright and overall healthier complexion after just one treatment.  


During our signature facial from The Collective, we use two types of microcurrent modalities to give you toned and radiant skin. Both treatments are bespoke and custom designed to enhance your skin's needs. Our seasoned estheticians will determine which of these treatments would be best for you:  

  • The coveted Remodeling Face Machine uses a combination of three currents to lift and tone, sculpt your cheekbones, and plump the skin. These simultaneous currents will leave your skin feeling regenerated and rejuvenated. RFM activates cellular stimulation, elevates muscle tone, and refines facial contours.  
  • Myolight combines LED and microcurrent technology all in one treatment. Myolight works on a cellular level to help stimulate muscle toning, lymphatic flow and blood circulation.  

Much like all skin rituals, to see results, consistency is key. We recommend coming in for a custom facial at least once a month. Investing in your skin is the one investment you won’t regret.  

Ask our estheticians to incorporate Microcurrent during your next custom facial- the best part? No surprising add ons or extra for this modality. Simply book “The Collective” on our website.